Missenden Abbey

Clare runs weekend courses at Missenden Abbey with Missenden School of Creative Arts for residential and nonresidential students.

Clare is joined by Steve Gorwits for the annual Missenden Summer School Course.

For full details see https://www.missendenschoolofcreativearts.co.uk

“ Such an inspiring practitioner and teacher with high CHI energy –thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and practice with us to help us sustain our health “ Margaret 83 years old

“At 84 years of age, the prospect of Tai Ji could be daunting . Having tried to practice Tai Ji for over 20 years now with a number of teachers at Missenden Abbey, I can honestly say that I have never been mentored by someone as thoughtful , caring and steadfast in their teaching as you have been. So despite my age and disabilities, I continue to enjoy and to grow through your amazing sessions.” Barry