Clare has been practising Tai Ji for over thirty five years and teaching since 1989. She trained and qualified with Jo and Jack Harford and the Nei Chia Association in Northamptonshire.

For many years Clare joined other students in Milton Keynes to train in a wide range of traditional Chinese Health Arts including Li and Yang 88 forms of Tai Ji and various Qigong forms. Here, Clare gained an extensive knowledge of remedial health exercises as well as staff, dance, fan and broadsword forms.

The intensive Nei Chia teacher training included the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory. This gives Clare a deep understanding of the work ensuring that the exercises are suitable for specific health conditions.

Clare travelled to South West China in 1993 to train with Mr Li Ke Jin of Guiyang and trained with him again in Milton Keynes in 1994. She attended workshops with Dr Wu Yang of Guizhou, a Chinese Doctor and a Master of Traditional Yang Style Tai Ji.

Clare is currently continuing her studies with Sophie Johnson, a senior teacher with Lotus Nei Gong International.

Clare is a member and insured with the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP).

Clare has run evening classes in West Wales since 1992 and held over twenty Summer Schools in Pembrokeshire. She has run a huge range of workshops for students of all ages, from primary age children to the elderly patients of Solva surgery. She has worked with teachers, students, midwives, carers and even steel workers through the TUC.

Her flexible approach enables Clare to adapt this work to suit the needs of her students, helping them to develop their Qi, understand their own energy and better care for their own health.

Clare runs classes in Narberth and Maenclochog. She is a tutor for Missenden School of Creative Arts, running weekend residential courses and an annual Summer School (with Steve Gorwits).