Happy New Year, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

The seasons turn and a term term begins. Zoom classes and Tai Ji in Maenclochog restart this week.

Please email for further details.

Autumn Term

The leaves are beginning to fall, autumn is on the way.

Zoom classes and Tai Ji Quan classes will restart next week.

You are welcome to email me for further information about these classes.

Summer Break

Classes in Maenclochog and on Zoom will be finishing for the term in the next two weeks.

I plan to restart classes in the middle of September.

You are welcome to email me for further details.

Have a great summer and take good care of yourselves.


Summer Schools

Maenclochog, Pembrokeshire

Saturday & Sunday, July 23rd & 24th

This will be our 23rd Annual Summer School Weekend after a break for Covid.

Everyone is welcome to join us for one or two days, email me for further details.

Missenden Abbey, Buckinghamshire

Monday to Wednesday, 15th, 16th & 17th August

For further details email Missenden School of Creative Arts at


Autumn Term

The summer has flown and it is now time to think about restarting classes for the autumn term.

The Monday Zoom class will restart on Monday 20th September, email me if you were not in the class last term and would like to join us.

The Tai Ji class in Maenclochog Hall will restart on Tuesday 21st September, email me for further details.

Make the most of the sunshine while its here!

Summer Break

All classes have stopped now until September. It has been a long tough year for everyone and I am looking forward to a break away from the screen.

Take good care of yourselves, make the most of the fresh air and sunshine. We are not out of this yet!

Emerging out of lockdown

The pandemic has touched us all, changing our lives, our priorities and attitudes. The ending of lockdown will bring it’s challenges as we get used to being back in the world.

It will be wonderful to return to class, working together in Maenclochog and at Missenden Abbey in the summer. Zoom will never replace the live class. We will proceed with caution and aim to make the classes as safe as we can for everyone.

Further details to follow.

Zoom on Monday

Classes restart on Monday 14th September at 4pm.

I’m so pleased this class is re-starting. I’ve missed it, and so has my body!

…looking forward to the classes starting again, they were a lifeline during lockdown.

Thank you so much for your email about your wonderful classes. I am so delighted you are continuing them…

Zoom Classes

Classes on Zoom will restart on Monday 14th September. These classes include basic stretching, relaxing and strengthening exercise as well as the 18 Qigong form.

Neither the Bloomfield Center in Narberth nor Maenclochog Hall is open for classes yet but I hope to restart ‘live’ classes as soon as they are available.

You are welcome to email me for further details.